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Upgrade Your Audio Game with a SonicTransporter i5 Music Server

sonicTransporter i5 music server - roon ready
sonicTransporter i5 music server (back) - roon ready

Why build an awesome audio platform and have a sub-par music server?

Your home computer was never designed to be a music server. Noisey fans, slow hard drives, unnecessary hardware and burdensome software all put your audio quality at risk.  

Your home laptop/desktop is designed to surf the web and build spreadsheets, not serve audio the best way possible. 

The sonicTransporter i5 is specifically designed to be your ultimate music server / source. Ultra-quiet and super-fast, the sonicTransporter i5 provides the ultimate music server experience.

With the sonicTransporter i5, take advantage of the most popular platforms including Roon, Spotify Connect, Tidal, Squeezebox, DLNA, Sonos (Samba), Plex, and more.

Set-up your sonicTransporter i5 with Roon in under 4 minutes. Watch How!

sonicTransporter i5 music server - roon ready

About Us

Small Green Computer is dedicated to utilizing the latest technology to bring your entire music collection to life. 

Location: New Hampshire, United States.  

Our flagships products include the award-winning sonicTransporter i5, ultraRendu, microRendu, and more.  

We stand behind our products with a best in class Warranty.  

We have been building and selling music servers for 10 years  

Andrew Gillis is the CEO and Owner.  

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